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 New Game: Lost Empires: Reclamation. 
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Post New Game: Lost Empires: Reclamation.
I will not be checking this thread regularly. If you would like to be a part of this game, please respond on the new forums.

I have just completed the map for the game and am now going to start inviting players from the waiting list. The game as stated in the title will be a variant using Fog of War. The game will be 8 or 6 players, prefer 8. 2 spots are reserved for jpsuchecki and Kristobal as they were slotted to play this game 2.5 years ago when I first tried to run it on the old site. jp and Kristobal, if you would like to secure your spot for this game, please respond here. All others that would like to participate please post here. If I do not get responses from the waiting list within 2 weeks, I will invite from this post. If I get enough interest in the game, I will run 2 consecutive versions of the game with slightly different maps. In order to participate in this game you must download the new version of the module, as it has resources I will need to GM the variant. That being said, here are some mostly-fleshed-out rules that will govern the game.

Tentative player list:
--- jpsuchecki (saved spot)
--- Kristobal (saved spot)
--- Yamnick (Waiting list)
--- evernoob (Fill vacancy)
--- emandrawkcab (Fill vacancy)

Waitlist players who have declined (just to keep track):
--- bluecoast
--- Zilfalon

GM will maintain separate vassal logs for all players. Each player will be given a particular log concerning there corner of the galaxy. Nothing on the log will be revealed except their own particular race. Each log will reflex their HS in the middle of the galaxy, but will not accurately reflect board position.

BGGB Race selection.

Characters will have no interaction with each other until they have discovered each other. Other players will not even know other races until they have encountered them.

All objectives will be revealed.

Players will have Preliminary objectives and Racial objectives.

Strategy Cards

The following Strategy cards will be used with certain addenda:
Leadership, Diplomacy II, Assembly III, Production, Trade III, Warfare II, Tech II, Red-Tape Bureaucracy

Diplomacy II:
-- Primary Choose A, B, or C. B or C can be used without paying the additional cost or CC.
---- A: Change to: Each "previously encountered" opponent
---- B: Change to: "... empty planet, in know non Fog of War system, adjacent ... "
---- C: Spend 3 resources. Bribe a local space trader to reveal a system no more than 2 tiles away from any of your occupied tiles. (This will only display the status of the tile at the time of play, will be covered in fog of war after resolving)
-- Secondary: Choose B or C.

Assembly III:
- Can only be chosen after Mecatol Rex has been discovered by 2 or more races

Alternate Strategy 3 until Assembly III is unlocked
-- Primary: Claim the speaker token. Draw 2 AC and 2 PC
-- Secondary : As written on Assembly III

Trade III
-- Players cannot trade with other players they have not encountered or otherwise revealed to them.
-- If no other players have been met the player simply gets 3 TG and a mercenary
-- Trade agreements cannot be broken using the secondary unless both races of the active trade have been encountered or revealed.


Players may move as freely as they are able to regardless of known or unknown tiles. Players by discover new tiles by preforming any of the following actions:

Primary exploration method - Scouting
-- New Unit -- Scout Ship
--- Stats ---
----- Cost : 1 (maximum 4 on the board)
----- Battle: 9
----- Move: 2
----- Special: Long Range Sensors
----- Tech: Type IV Drive increases movement by 1
----- Other: Scout ships do not count as "non-fighter ships" for ACs, PCs, Objectives, or other similar situations

-- Long Range Sensors: The scout ship is specifically designed for space exploration and can use these special instruments to keep it from inadvertently traveling into dangerous space.
---- Active: When performing a blind jump into a system, if the system is hazardous (gravity rift, nebula, asteroid, or supernova) the scout ship and any fleet with it will bounce back to the previous system without receiving any damage. This action will provide the current status of any ships or planets (Everra, Cormund) in the system.

---- Passive 1: When the scout ship ends its movement in a system with adjacent unexplored space the instruments scan up to three consecutive tiles around the system and return vague information about them. (The information is general in nature and not specific enough to return the current condition of the tile. It will reveal an unknown hazard, unknown empty space, or unknown planets. Enough information to make the next move more than a blind jump, but not much more.)

---- Passive 2: A player can activate the system with a scout ship in it. If the scout ship has not moved this turn, activating the system allows the player to choose one of two options. Option 1: Give vague information about adjacent systems nothing is known and give general (specific system or tile) information about adjacent systems which vague information is known. Option 2: Give current condition of 2 adjacent systems which general information is known OR give current condition of 1 adjacent system which has no information present or has vague information present.

Both passive abilities of scout ships can be used by all scouts in a system. For example 2 scout ships can reveal current condition of 4 adjacent systems with general information already present. The passives, however, can not be used consecutively. I.E. you cannot use passive 2 to get vague information from one scout ship and then use the second scout ship to get general information about those same systems.

Secondary Exploration Methods:
Blind Jump: Move into an unknown system and risk reward or punishment.
Diplomacy II: Part C.

-- Void, red systems, and +1 movement.

---- Void:
If a player enters the void between galaxies (or goes off the map) ship movement stops one space off the map. The player must move the ship/s back on the map by the next game round of the ship becomes lost in deep space. These tiles will look different than simple empty space tiles.

---- +1 Movement.
Ships that have greater than 1 movement are allowed to blind jump through more than one system. However, since they don’t know the destination, only ships from the point of origin may do so. (In this way there cannot be multiple known points of origin unless the destination and the path are known.) Ships can move from the point of origin through an unknown system to a known system, but not from multiple points of origin.

If ships move through multiple systems, the closest system is revealed first. If it is not occupied, not the void, and not a hazardous system (excluding gravity rift) players will move right through. If it is any of the previous, the activation maker is instead placed on that system and movement is stopped.

---- Supernova.
If a player enters a supernova, their ships are all destroyed.

---- Asteroid field.
If a player enters an asteroid field without Antimass Deflector tech, their ships are destroyed. If this is the destination system, and the player has Antimass Deflectors, the ships must immediately retreat to the previous, or origin, tile or be destroyed.

---- Ion Storm, Nebula, Gravity Rift and Wormholes.
Remains the same. Players can not benefit from Gravity Drive or wormholes without previous knowledge of their existance.

Encountering another player

Due to the unexpectedness of the galaxy it is not always possible to tell if another player is there. If a player is encountered through movement, that movement is halted. Either player then has a chance to attack or negotiate who will retreat.

If one player agrees to retreat, they can perform a normal retreat or the can take a CC from their reinforcements and activate an empty, discovered, adjacent system. If for some reason this is not possible (maybe because they moved through an asteroid field) or no agreement can be reached, they must fight. If the active player retreats, the non-active player can still decide to fire parting shots at the retreating player. In this case, the active player, who is in full retreat, does not fire any weapons.

Once another player is encountered the two will be able to communicate.

Planetary Landings

The Galaxy not only laid waste to the great races, but the the planets they once controlled. People struggled and have barely survived for years. Finally help has come and they are eager to please.

2 options will be available for exploration:

Option 1:
Any time a new planet is discovered a player will receive one of the following:

Technological Society: Must meet requirements, randomly chosen by GM.
1 TGs
2 TGs
Unmanned PDS: Free PDS
Hidden Factory: See DS counter
Unmanned Tank: Free MU
Volunteers: Two free GF.

Option 2:
Regular DS tokens with 2 rings of high risk/high reward
All other planets will be low risk.

Space is dangerous and I will be using Space Domain tokens. This is not up for vote.

Shared Knowledge.

Players can share knowledge as freely as they wish. They can lie or be truthful. Movement remains the same until actual exploration is down however (See movement). If players want to reveal other players, they can freely give this knowledge. Players can even give initial communication from one player to the other. (Basically an introduction.) If a formal introduction is made, players then become aware of that player. While this may make the GM's job that much more intensive, it also makes the game much more realistic. I will encourage and facilitate any player to player interaction once each of the players in question has encountered or been 'introduced to' the other(s). This includes misinformation, half truths, and bald-faced lies. If player 1 wants me to tell player 2, who they just met, that they have 4 WS in their HS, I will be a good GM and show player-2 a WS count of 4 in player 1's HS. I will include special overlays to the module so that players can keep track of which information they collected themselves and which information was given to them. Even after visiting a given location themselves to verify information given to them, the active status of the system might change and, without a constant presence in the system, the fog of war will set in.

Additional Rules
Additional Rules such as facilities can be voted on. Artifacts will not be used.

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